Art, feeling and tradition


Flamenco can be seen, heard and felt throughout the province

There are many ways to hear and see flamenco but doing so live and in person is undoubtedly the most exciting. In the province of Seville you can attend flamenco shows all year round in tablaos, peñas and programmed shows in theatres and venues throughout the province.

The tablaos, heirs to the 19th century music cafés, offer flamenco shows every night, especially in the capital. The colourful costumes and the strength of the singing and dancing are accompanied by a few drinks. Try to follow the rhythm by clapping and enjoy the thrill of a unique show.

In Seville there are more than 75 peñas, tertulias and associations spread throughout the province. Flamenco is a living force in the towns and enthusiasts gather to listen to the singing and guitar playing. The flamenco peñas are the places where a show full of emotion can best be seen, where the profound singing, the accompanying guitar, the rhythm of the footwork and the clapping and dancing of the artists converge. If you really want to plunge into the depths of the culture of cante jondo (flamenco singing), head for the flamenco peñas, true temples of its history, its voices and its traditions. Every year, the festivals periodically bring together the most talented and the most innovative artists in the world of flamenco, who travel through the province from town to town offering live flamenco performances.