turismo activo

Active tourism

Put yourself to the test in an unparalleled natural environment

Joven vistiendo un mono de neopreno saltando a una poza


Team adventures

You will be surprised to find that Seville is a province where water is very abundant and models the landscape of the plain and the mountains. In the Sierra Norte you will find numerous waterfalls and cascades where you can practice canyoning, kayaking and other sports. Canyoning is an ideal sport to enjoy in company and strengthen the team spirit. The Barranco de las Calzadillas and the Barranco del Risco Blanco, both in Almadén de la Plata, are perfect for starting this sport and having an adventure with friends or family.

Walk, climb, swim, descend natural slides and finally plunge into the water. With the right equipment and advice, you will have a truly thrilling adventure.  


Photography: www.sierraextreme.net


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