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Holy Week


Holy Week has been celebrated in Coria del Río for centuries. Several 16th-century documents describe the processions through the town’s streets. 

Six confraternities march take part in penitential procession through the town’s streets. The first one is the Procession of the Palms that begins at the Santa María de la Estrella and San José churches on Palm Sunday.

Coria’s Holy Week has been declared a Festival of Tourist Interest owing to unique moments. For instance, during the procession of the Confraternity of the True Cross, the titular images are carried up and down a 100-metre slope once without a break. When they stop, the faithful greet the images with “saetas” and applause to mark the solemn moment.

An event known as ‘Los Abrazos takes place on the morning of Easter Sunday. This emotive moment sees the float of the image of Our Lady of Solitude, dressed in a colourful mantle, without canopy, approach the church to meet the statue of the Resurrected Christ, her son. At one point, it seems as if the two figures touch each other, simulating an embrace to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

Season: Spring


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