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Nordic Walking Route: Flour Mills. Riberas del Guadaíra Area


This road starts at the bridge know as the Dragon Bridge. At their feet, and in the bank opposite to the castle there are two possible places to park the car, one to the right and another to the left, from where two possible routes start. These routes pass by 7 of the 9 flour mills that stand in the river banks and are preserved to this day. In the past, these flour mills were largely a cornerstone of local economy.  The flour mill have been recently restored and are a feature of a landscaped dominated by water in the form of irrigation channels, weirs, bridges and other elements.

The route forms a loop starting at the Vadalejos Mill on the left river bank and, a few metres away, the Realaje Mill. From this point and always on the left river bank, the route continues upstream under the Dragon Bridge and continuing straight on by the Camino Bajo de la Retama.

The route crosses the river b the Roman Bridge and continues upstream, crossing a gate to access the Riberas del Guadaíra Area. The San Francisco Mill lies to the left and the Algarrobo Mill lies a little further down the route. The route goes on past the sports fields and goes down again to the river banks. The route continues upstream along the Camino de Las Aceñas  to the Camino de Las Aceñas mill, and, if the river flow allows it, crosses the weir to the opposite bank and continues, this time downstream.

After a while, the Benarosa and San Juan Mill can be seen to the right. After passing them, the Algarrobo mill can be seen, now from the opposite side of the river, and the route continues right along the river to the Tapada Mill. From this point, the route goes up back to the road and then to the starting point.

Looping. Starts and finises in one of the sides of the Dragon Bridge. It can be shortened by taking any of the bridges that span over the river.

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