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Seville enchants

The Rivera de Guaditoca is a small stream that begins in Guadalcanal near the chapel of the same name and runs northward to flow into the Sotillo River, which marks the boundary with the province of Badajoz. It is 20 km long and it is seasonal, remaining dry during the summer.

The Rivera del Huéznar is one of the three great rivers of the Seville’s Sierra Morena, along with the Viar and the Retortillo. Like all the tributaries of the right bank of the Guadalquivir, into which it flows at Tocina, it is a short river, with a winding course and a pronounced gradient.

Although the River Guadalete, which discharges into the Atlantic Ocean, runs almost entirely through the province of Cadiz, it crosses the southern part of the municipality of Montellano, flowing parallel to the Sierra Greenway. It rises in the north of Sierra de Grazalema and travels 157 km to El Puerto de Santa María in Cadiz. The approximate total area is 710.34 ha.

The Salado de Morón Stream rises in the province of Cádiz and runs through Seville, crossing the towns of Montellano, El Coronil, El Palmar de Troya, Morón de la Frontera and Utrera until it reaches the River Guadalquivir, at the end of the Brazo del Este channel. 

The Rivera de Huelva River rises in Badajoz, crosses the province of Huelva and enters the province of Seville through the Sierra de Aracena. Once in Seville, it runs through the towns of El Castillo de las Guardas and El Ronquillo, as well as Guillena and La Algaba, where it flows into the right side of the River Guadalquivir.

This Special Conservation Area (SCA) covers some 4,772 ha, mostly in the province of Seville. This site features prominently in the Andalusian Natura 2000 network owing to its special importance for the conservation of riparian habitats, certain fish species included in the Habitats Directive and, in general, the river ecosystem and the connectivity it provides as an ecological corridor.

The River Guadiamar rises at El Castillo de las Guardas and an affluent on the right bank of the River in the Doñana marshland.