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Rivera de Guaditoca


The Rivera de Guaditoca is a small stream that begins in Guadalcanal near the chapel of the same name and runs northward to flow into the Sotillo River, which marks the boundary with the province of Badajoz. It is 20 km long and it is seasonal, remaining dry during the summer.

The vegetation of this stream consists mainly of riverbank shrubs, although in the vicinity of the chapel there are some areas of white poplar. As for the fauna, this is very rich since the stream crosses areas of dehesa and Mediterranean forest. 

The Guaditoca chapel, built in 1647, where the Guadalcanal pilgrimages are held, is located near the river.

It has the following facilities: Recreational area, picnic areas, free camping area.

Access is free. It can be reached via the SE-9100 road in the direction of Valverde de Llerena and the SE-9101 road in the direction of Malcocinado, taking the turn-offs to the Guaditoca chapel in both cases. 

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