Seville enchants

At the base of some rocks beside the El Salado stream, there is a spring of sulphurous water that has traditionally been used to cure eye diseases (hence its name) and skin rashes. To visit it, you leave Pruna via Calle Culata and, after El Molinillo, you continue along the gypsum quarry path for approximately 3 km.

This fountain is located at Calle de la Fuente, in the old town of Gelves. It is built on a brick retaining wall. It consists of three staggered basins with a marble slap and a pipe protruding from the wall. The water flows through the two basins until it reaches the bottom. The water was diverted to a pool, now covered, that the owners used for recreational and watering purposes.

In Roman times, La Luisiana was located on the Via Augusta, very close to the colonies of Astigi (Écija) and Obulcuva (La Monclava). The Roman baths are considered one of the most remarkable constructions from this period, both from an artistic and archaeological point of view, where two distinct sections can be discerned.