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We guide you through the heart of the province


We guide you through the heart of the province

In the guides and publications of the Province of Seville you will find an inexhaustible source of proposals and suggestions to make your stay a memorable one.

We have designed itineraries for all tastes, with all you need to know to avoid missing out on anything: all the routes and resources for you to travel through the heart of the province, town by town.

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Through this guide, we make a very specific proposal, such as an itinerary through the paths that link the hermitages of the Sierra Norte de Sevilla. A proposal between Religious Tourism and Active Tourism.

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The Legacy of Rome in Seville is a journey through the traces that Rome left through the city and its province, which shows visitors all the Monumental and Artistic Heritage that we treasure from this civilisation that once colonised and ruled the known world. In order to approach and understand the life, culture and traditions that governed the daily life of the inhabitants of Italica and Híspalis, it is essential to know the different routes that they once travelled, delighting us with the remains that have survived until today. Here we can find the two great Roman figures born in Italica, the emperors Hadrian and Trajan, the first non-Italian emperors, celebrating the nineteen hundredth anniversary of Trajan's death and Hadrian's accession to the throne.

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Seville has always been an outstanding city in the successive stages of its past.

In Roman times, Híspalis was the great city of Baetica. Under Muslim rule, Isbiliya became the capital of Al-Andalus in the Almohad period. Already in the Middle Ages it was a royal seat with its sumptuous Mudejar Alcazar. In the Renaissance it reached its peak as a gateway and port of the Indies. The 17th and 18th centuries left their mark with the great masters of the Baroque. The incipient industrialisation marked the romantic city of the 19th century, while the 20th century gave it back its enthusiasm with the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929 and the Universal Exhibition of 1992.

This cultural legacy is largely on display in the museums, centres and exhibition spaces of our province.

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The province of Seville is full of magnificent cities and towns, the Roman, Arab, Mudejar and Baroque remains of which make up an enormous capital for the monumental and cultural segment of our tourism. The purpose of this publication is to make known all the cultural excellences that the province of Seville has to offer for leisure and tourism purposes.

This is an extremely important legacy, because the monumental heritage of the municipalities of Seville is the most abundant and important in the Andalusian context. With more than 300 assets declared of Cultural Interest, our province is one of the first Andalusian destinations for visitors who travel attracted by heritage and culture.

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Travelling as a family is one of life's great pleasures. For this reason, this guide aims to bring visitors to our territory closer to the tourism and leisure offer aimed specifically at families with children, bringing together the infrastructures and resources of interest, from the point of view of the enjoyment and entertainment for children.

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Monumental Heritage, Culture, Nature and Gastronomy are the pillars on which the tourist offer of the Seville of the towns of the province is based, that other Seville that opens up to the world as a unique territory capable of offering unforgettable experiences.

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The province of Seville has an extensive natural heritage and thanks to the wide variety of adventure, nature and action sports, active tourism is an emerging sector that captures the attention of visitors and encourages regular practice throughout the year, a key element in preventing seasonal tourism.

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Our competitive advantage is based fundamentally on our uniqueness and our long history in the sector, therefore resulting in the magnificent offer we have today, and in the high level of professionalism of all the people who work and dedicate themselves to tourism, which is our best cover letter.

This guide is a tool with which we promote our hotel offer and with it the selection of places in the province as a tourist destination.

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This guide shows 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in the city of Seville. Comfortable, well-equipped accommodation, located close to tourist attractions, with excellent accessibility and quality of services, in general, so they are perfectly adapted to the needs of national and international guests. They also stand out for their high degree of social and environmental commitment.

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The purpose of this guide is to promote and consolidate the Industrial Tourism offer in the province of Seville.

Industrial tourism does not only include industrial heritage as a value, but also offers the possibility of getting to know industries in person. Finding the activity carried out by any organisation providing tourism services for the purpose of showing its processes, know-how, products, services, work systems, history, etc.

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The coexistence of empires and the intermingling of styles make this generous heritage a monumental and artistic treasure. Prehistoric sites, the metallurgical culture of Tartessos, megalithic dolmens, Chalcolithic idols, Phoenician and Iberian presence, grave goods and tombs, bell-shaped pottery, baths and thermal baths, Roman cities, and finally the strong Visigothic and Islamic influences reflected in Arab fortresses, medieval castles, monasteries, mosques, churches... All this makes up a legacy that our villages offer for the visitor's delight. This heritage begins with vestiges of the first settlers, such as the dolmens of Valencina de la Concepción and Castilleja de Guzmán. And, from there, the history goes on...

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The traces of Cervantes in the province of Seville provide an excellent opportunity to discover the rich heritage of the Sevillian towns that he visited as an official of the King and his Royal Treasury. A treasure that was perpetuated in several of his writings.

This guide aims to trace the presence of Miguel de Cervantes in our territory and to promote a tourist route linked to his life and work. An itinerary, the Cervantes Route, which runs through eleven municipalities, including the city of Seville, which in many cases still conserve monumental and gastronomic vestiges of the period.

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The Easter Week is one of Seville's most important festivals, as evidenced for centuries in the 106 municipalities that make up the province.

The Brotherhoods that form part of the municipalities of the province of Seville have contributed to the enhancement and splendour of Easter Week. Heirs to a secular devotion, they bring, with each of their images through the streets of the municipalities, moments of solemnity, recollection and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ that each year attracts more and more followers to enjoy it.

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We offer a delicious tour of the province following the aroma of one of the most emblematic gastronomic products of the territory: sweets.

The gastronomic wealth of the province of Seville is as rich as it is varied: recipes of yesteryear that have been passed down from generation to generation and where traditional and modern cuisine merge. In short, exquisite dishes that can be found in each and every one of Seville's municipalities. An offer that is contributing to the identification of the province of Seville as a destination, not only for culture and nature, but also for gastronomy.

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Haciendas and Cortijos are traditional Andalusian constructions, linked to the agricultural and livestock operations within the estates where they are located.

A total of 9,730 Haciendas, Cortijos and Lagares have been registered in Andalusia, showing the size and importance of Andalusian Agrarian Cultural Heritage, the province of Seville having the highest number of buildings, a total of 2,092.

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