Seville, beautiful and diverse

El Ronquillo, a small paradise between two rivers

El Ronquillo, a small town surrounded by nature, is only 20 minutes from Seville on the Via de la Plata.

Guillena, a natural treasure at the beginning of the Vía de la Plata

The charming town of Guillena lies between the Huelva and Cala rivers. A place that seeks to surround you with beautiful nature. The famous Water Route will impress you from the start. This route will take you on a unique adventure through the foothills of Sierra Morena surrounded by stunning landscapes. 

The Minilla reservoir is a perfect place to spend a day with the family, enjoying the scenery and surroundings, having barbecues and going for walks.

It is also an ideal place for fishing, given the easy accessibility and the low level of pollution. When certain kinds of insect hatch or during the spawning season there is an abundance of cyprinids.

The Rivera de Cala is the main tributary of the Rivera de Huelva, into which it flows in the municipality of Guillena, after

The Zahurdilla Park, in the hamlet of Las Pajanosas, is located in an area of pastureland in the foothills of the Sierra Morena. Its landscape features a holm oak forest with numerous watercourses.

The Fuente Abades Spring at “La Garranchosa” estate, is located about 3 km northwest of El Garrobo, on the National Road 433 towards Aracena. The passageway is decorated with a tile mosaic of Our Lady of the Star and some drawings, as well as the name of the spring.

Fuente Abades is the venue where the Pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady of the Star takes place.

The River Guadiamar rises at El Castillo de las Guardas and an affluent on the right bank of the River in the Doñana marshland.