Écija Palacio Peñaflor

Seville enchants

The foundation of the monastery was promoted by Enrique Enriquez, Comendador Mayor of the Order of Santiago of the Province of Leon (maternal uncle of Don Fernando el Católico and grandson of Don Fabrique Enriquez and a Jewess from Guadalcanal nicknamed "La Paloma") and his wife Doña Maria de Luna, on a trip they made to Guadalcanal in 1489.

It is commonly known as "the open-air museum of Seville". It is located in the north of the town, behind the San Lazaro Hospital since 1852. This site is a must-visit due to the beauty of many of its funeral monuments

The Sevillian town of Aznalcóllar is home to the Zawiya, an Islamic, religious monument unique in Andalusia. These buildings, commonly found in the Maghreb and West Africa, were used as Islamic schools or monasteries.