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Pueblaoliva-Coop. Agrícola San José, S.C.A.


The Cooperative provides end-to-end services to the olive-growing sector, including milling, packaging and marketing of the extra virgin olive oil; production, packaging and marketing of table olives; and, storage and marketing of cereals.    

San José Cooperative was founded in 1959 when Spain was in the grips of a severe economic crisis, and the farmers were left to the vagaries of the industrial sector, with negligible or no profit. 

Over the years, the oil mill sector has modernised and grown. It currently has a daily milling capacity of 600,000 kilograms of olives and a storage capacity of 5,000,000 kilograms of oil.    

The Cooperative introduced a new area, namely for cereals. Different varieties of grains, sunflowers and cotton are stored in silos. Table olives are another crucial sector that generates a significant turnover and many jobs.

Today, San José Cooperative takes pride in being one of the leading cooperatives in the province of Seville, bringing together over 1,600 members.     

In 2010, this Cooperative became involved in a new project in the “verdeo” sector, i.e. the harvesting of olives while they are still green, joining the Cooperativa de Segundo Grado Manzanilla Olive S. Coop. And. to improve the value chain together with other agricultural cooperatives. Particular emphasis has been placed on packaging, especially after the purchase, in 2012, of a factory located in Utrera, to obtain a higher return on the final product, and not just sell the product in bulk.

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