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Industrias Sombrereras Españolas


Since 1885 it has been carrying out the complete felt and hat manufacturing process. It is the only factory of its kind in Spain: the whole product is started and finished in the Seville factory, unlike those that only manufacture the materials or those that only join the pieces together. Very few hat companies can boast of this anywhere in the world. It has been accumulating machinery and modelling equipment with great industrial value for 135 years.

Fernandez and Roche have been making high quality hats since 1885. Their production philosophy is based on three cornerstones: craftsmanship, quality raw materials and progress.

Description of the tour

During the tour of the facilities you will be able to see the complete process of manufacturing natural hair felt and the making of many different types of hats.

Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour

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