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The company was founded in the 19th century. The Moreno Muruve family have had ties to olive growing and virgin and extra-virgin olive oil production since that time. This family business has preserved its agricultural and industrial activity to this day.

In an endless quest for quality to satisfy an increasingly demanding market, FRAMOLIVA has been a pioneer in the implementation of quality systems and environment-friendly standards in both agricultural production and processing methods.

The careful, early harvesting of olives and the favourable climate of the Aljarafe region come together to create an excellent product, a top-quality, extra-virgin olive oil.

Description of the tour

During the 45-minute guided tour, visitors will see the complete production process of virgin olive oil and first-pressed extra-virgin olive oil. They will also learn to distinguish between different types of oil, understand the quality standards applied to this traditional product, and observe the mechanical procedures used in its production, without chemical additives. The tour ends at the shop, where visitors receive a gift pack.

Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour

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Duration of the tour
45 m.
Opening times

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 17:00


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