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Aguilar Cheeses


Family handmade cheese factory.

This is a small family handmade cheese business that has decided to continue making the same product as it did two generations ago: Florida goat cheese prepared with raw milk. The milk they use to make the "Quesos Aguilar" goat cheese comes from the El Real de la Jara in the Sierra Norte of Seville, where the livestock grazes in freedom. This gives the milk excellent characteristics, which are reflected in the cheeses. The output of these cheesemakers is small, as their cheeses go through a meticulous production process, being made one at a time in the traditional way, achieving an unparalleled flavour.

Description of the tour

The tour begins with the reception of the visitors, where they are given a brief explanation of what will be done during the tour. After that, they will go to the factory to start the milk curdling process, which can take about half to three quarters of an hour. During this time, a presentation will be given explaining the whole process of cheesemaking, from milking to curing. Once the presentation is finished, the curd which has been formed during this time is drained and the cheese is prepared by the visitors.

Once the cheese is finished, each piece is salted and labelled so that each visitor can take home the cheese they themselves have made. It is then placed in the cold room for cooling. During the cooling process, visitors are offered a small tasting of the products made in the factory and invited to visit the store, where they can purchase products from the factory. The tour ends with the handing over of the cheeses made during the tour.

Minimum number of people per tour
Maximum number of people per tour

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Duration of the tour
1'30 horas


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