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Sierra del Tablón o del Terril


The Sierra del Tablón, on the border of the province of Seville with the northeast corner of the province of Cadiz, belongs to the foothills of the Sub-Baetic zone of the Betic mountain ranges, which in Seville are called the Sierra Sur. In the Sierra del Tablón there are three main landmarks: El Peñón de Algámitas (1121 m), in the municipality of Algámitas, El Terril (1129 m), on the border between Algámitas and Pruna, and the peak of La Rabitilla (832 m), which belongs to Pruna. El Peñón and El Terril are separated by the Zamorano pass.

The mountain range is of a limestone nature, with steep slopes caused in some cases by the presence of faults. This peculiar morphology with cliffs, gorges and faults, gives rise to an area of great scenic interest. Surface runoff drains into the Corbones and Guadalete rivers, and there is also vertical and underground water circulation thanks to the limestone composition of the substrate.

It is important to mention that El Terril, at 1129 m, is the highest peak in Seville, a province which, due to its particular geological characteristics, has a fairly flat relief. The slopes of El Terril are colonised by dense vegetation, consisting mainly of holm oak, along with scattered specimens of wild olive and carob trees, and well-developed scrub in treeless areas. As you ascend, the tree and shrub strata disappear, until you reach a point where the rocky substrate emerges, where the limestone is colonised by certain rock-dwelling species, adapted to live in cracks and crevices. In this mountain range there are also some endemic plants, as well as rare or threatened species.

The SE-9225 road from Algámitas to Pruna runs through the Sierra del Tablón. Free access.

Recreation spaces

Degraded holm oak forest with an abundance of scrub, mastic, kermes oak, asparagus, hawthorn, wild olive, carob, fan palm and thyme


Eagle owl, short-toed snake eagle, kestrel, wood pigeon, starling, genet, wild boar, griffon vulture



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