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Sierra del Pimpollar and Sierra Padrona


The Sierra del Pimpollar and the Sierra Padrona, are two granite formations located one after the other. The orientation of the structures is northwest-southeast, as is the case throughout the Sierra Norte. Their altitudes are among the highest in the Natural Park at around 900 m. This mountainous area has poor soils, developed on granite substrate, and a hydrographic network formed by several streams that flow into the River Viar and the Pintado reservoir.

In terms of vegetation, the predominant species in these mountains is the holm oak, as befits the acidic nature of the soils, although it is also possible to find cork oak, Portuguese oak and Iberian pear. The shrubby undergrowth is very dense and serves as a refuge for small mammal species such as foxes, genets, mongooses and badgers, which coexist with larger species and a great variety of birds.

The two mountain ranges can be visited by car, on a road that runs between the two and crosses the mountain passes of La Padrona and El Quejigo, from whose viewpoints you can enjoy spectacular views of the northern area of the Sierra Norte Natural Park.

Access is free. The section of the SE-179 road between El Real de La Jara and the El Pintado reservoir crosses both mountain ranges, leaving the Sierra del Pimpollar on the left and the Sierra Padrona on the right. 

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