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Sierra de la Jayona


The Sierra de la Jayona, in the municipality of Guadalcanal belonging to the Sierra Norte Natural Park, is made up of shales and Cambrian limestone, folded during the Hercynian orogeny, with a northwest-southeast direction like its neighbour Sierra del Viento, from which it is separated by a deep valley. This mountain range reaches a maximum altitude of 750 m in Guadalcanal and slightly higher in Fuente del Arco (Badajoz).

The mountain vegetation of holm oak, Portuguese oak and scrubland has mostly been replaced by olive groves, although areas of cleared Mediterranean forest have been conserved, creating pastureland for livestock use. This mountain range is home to a large specimen of European barberry, included in the Catalogue of Unique Trees and Groves of the Province of Seville. It is 12 m high and has a perimeter of 4 m at the base of the trunk, when normally it is just a shrubby plant. This barberry tree is located in the garden of the Hacienda La Jayona.

Sierra de la Jayona was an iron ore mining area.

There is restricted access via the Jayona lane that starts in the northwest of the town.



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