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Portuguese Oak Grove of La Vejera


In the heart of the Sierra Norte Natural Park we find the Portuguese Oak Grove of La Vejera. It is located to the south of Cerro del Hierro, in an lightly sloping area. It is formed by a group of large Portuguese oaks that form a line along a 1 km stretch of a cattle track as it passes through Constantina, the path from San Nicolás del Puerto to Navas de la Concepción. The Portuguese oaks have an average height of 20 m, but there is one 30 m specimen that stands out for its size, with a 3 m perimeter trunk. In addition to the Portuguese oaks, there is also brushwood and some young Pyrenean oaks from repopulation projects.

The common Portuguese oak is a Mediterranean forest species, which can adapt to different types of soils and climates, although it prefers cool, deep alkaline soils. In Andalusia it can be found at altitudes of 600 to1200 m, generally mixed with holm oak, Pyrenean oak, cork oak and pine, and in the Sierra Norte it can be found in the shadiest dehesas.



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