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Pintado Reservoir


The Pintado reservoir is located on the Viar river, between the provinces of Badajoz and Seville, in a mountain area of gentle relief and moderate altitude, typical of the Sierra Norte of Seville. It is the largest reservoir in the Natural Park, and it is also fed by the River Rivera de Benalija.

Although the areas closest to the reservoir only have grassland vegetation, in the surroundings there is brushwood and dehesa, mainly of holm oak. The road leading to the reservoir from Cazalla de la Sierra is of great scenic beauty, with areas of holm oak and cork oak dehesa, and isolated examples of large Andalusian oaks. 

A small part of the reservoir is located within the municipality of El Real de la Jara. 

The main use of the reservoir is agricultural irrigation, although it is also used for recreation and sport, i.e. fishing and bathing. The surrounding grassland and dehesas are also used for grazing livestock.



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