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Peñón de Algámitas


The Peñón de Algámitas is found in the Sierra del Tablón, one of the mountain formations that make up the Sierra Sur. It is a great isolated mass of calcareous rock, with an altitude of 1121 m, making it the second highest peak in the province of Seville (the highest is the Terril, located in the same mountain range). The Peñón (Rock) is of outstanding scenic interest, standing out as a natural viewpoint over the surrounding olive groves at much lower levels and with gently rolling relief.

The vegetation is typical of Mediterranean forest, with holm oak, Portuguese oak, wild olive, carob, hawthorn, mastic, wild rose and turpentine, among other species, the tree layer disappearing as the altitude increases. The fauna is very varied, and it includes foxes, badgers, genets, eagle owls, long-eared owls, tawny owls, blackbirds, green woodpeckers and robins.

The Peñón is the most popular area in the Sierra Sur of Seville and is very well-equipped for educational activities, leisure activities and low-impact sports.

The archaeological remains found in the vicinity of the rock show that there have been human settlements in the town of Algamitas since prehistoric times. Axes, Phoenician ceramics and Roman and Moorish remains are some of the archaeological finds associated with this municipality.

Address: free access. The access to the rock is at km 3.5 of the SE-9225 road from Algámitas to Pruna.

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