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Parque de la Muela


The 30-hectare La Muela Park is located to the east of the town, at the foot of one of the most significant archaeological sites in the region known as La Tablada. The Park dates back to the early 1980s. More specifically, in 1983, when various interventions were carried out to prepare the site for public use, the first trees were planted, and the paths were laid. 

Over the next years, the transformation continued with the provision of picnic areas, benches, litter bins, bridges and wooden staircases.

Currently, La Muela Park is a space with a rich fauna (hares, moles, frogs, San Anton frogs, water snakes, goldfinches, sparrows, swallows, martins, owls, kestrels, Montagu’s harriers, myriad insects, etc.) and flora (carob, almond, poplar, oak, ficus, fig, jacaranda, mimosa, elm, palm, pine and holm oak, broom, etc. ). Easily accessible, it has become an extensive network of protected green areas with signposted trails and paths and a small tributary with great potential as a recreational, sports, educational, cultural, ethnological or heritage area.

Recreation spaces
Surface area
30.00 Ha


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