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Loma del Aire


The Loma del Aire occupies a privileged location on the northeastern edge of the Sierra Norte Morena Park. It offers panoramic views of the typical Seville’s Sierra Morena landscape from the 740-metre summit: hills and mountains of medium-altitude with valleys and rivers in some areas. The Canario and Quiruela hills and the ravines along the Rivera de Onza Stream can be easily identified.

Access to the viewpoint through the signposted path is free. Take the A-447 road towards the town of Fuente Obejuna in Cordoba and, after about 4 km, the Loma del Aire appears.


The hill and its surroundings have Mediterranean vegetation, with holm oak and cork oak groves. In some areas, the trees have been replaced by rockrose, heather, strawberry tree and phillyrea.


The diverse fauna in the hills includes numerous raptors.


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