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La Galiana Lagoon


La Galiana Lagoon is a small, shallow wetland that is part of the Lebrija-Las Cabezas Endorheic Complex Natural Reserve.

The lagoon, located in gently sloping terrain, it is fed by surface runoff and direct rainfall. This leads to strong seasonality. It is the first lagoon in the complex that dries up. Its waters are sub-saline throughout the flooding cycle.

Access is restricted. An authorisation from the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment is required to access the Natural Reserve. The permission is granted for specific purposes only. Access to and transit through peripheral buffer zones is free on public roads and paths. To access the area, take the SE-6300 road from Lebrija to the N-IV road. Take this road in the direction of Los Palacios and Villafranca. Turn right at the intersection with the SE-5207, and then turn right again onto the SE-6201 towards Jerez de la Frontera. The area can also be accessed from the N-IV taking the Acebuches road.

Surface area
4.00 Ha

La Galiana is surrounded by rain-fed crops, although some natural vegetation remains. It consists mainly of wild olives, holm oaks, kermes oaks and mastics. The perilagoon vegetation is made of bulrush and, to a lesser extent, reed and annual wet grassland, which may colonise the dry lagoon basin.


As for birds, worthy of note are the occasional common coot that has even nested in the lagoon.


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