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Huéznar Falls


The Huéznar Falls are to be found in the upper course of the Rivera del Huéznar, near its source. In this area, the river runs under dense gallery forests, forming pools and descending over small steps in the form of waterfalls, giving rise to travertine or tufa limestone cascades due to the precipitation of calcium carbonate contained in the water on the rocks or plants. The deposits take the shape of the waterfall, resulting in rock curtains and slides, giving the site a unique appearance that has led it to be declared a Natural Monument due to its geological values. The drops that give rise to the waterfalls are the result of two displacement faults found in the course of the river.

Throughout the upper course of the Rivera del Huéznar there is very rich riparian vegetation, with trees such as willow, ash, poplar and elm and various species of shrub. Among the variety of birds that live in the shelter of the gallery forest, the white-throated dipper and kingfisher are worthy of note.

In terms of tourism, the El Martinete recreational site with a camping area is of particular interest.

Natural monument
Surface area
1.62 Ha


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