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Municipal Theatre of Ecija


The origins of the Theatre in Ecija go back to 1617, when the City Council decided to build a Comedy House. The councillors appointed for the task bought some houses in "Calle de los Arquillos" for the purpose, the works being completed in 1621, although it was necessary to carry out a series of enlargement works two years later. After several subsequent renovations, the building ended up having similar characteristics to the Castilian Corrales de Comedias.

In the late 18th century, the building was virtually in a state of ruin. This situation changed in 1802, when the rights to the theatre were assigned to the Company of Diego Millán and Álvarez for 20 years, in exchange for the reconstruction of the building. 

At the end of the 19th century it was acquired by Baldomero Custodio Fernández, whose son and heir sold it to José Sanjuán in 1927, since which time it became known as the Sanjuán Theatre.

In January 1937, the building was destroyed by a fire and was rebuilt, opening its doors in 1940 under the direction of the Cabrera Company. Nine years later, the "Sanjuán" Society was formed, which continued with running the Theatre until its closure in 1984. After a short period of time as a Disco-Theatre, it was acquired by the City Council, which carried out the rehabilitation and restoration works.

The modernisation of the theatre has been carried out with the utmost respect for the original 1930s style, maintaining the volumetry both inside and outside the building with its interplay of straight and curved forms and even the ship-type railings.

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