Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Silo Interpretation Centre


This is the first silo in Spain that has been restored and used as a museum and visitor centre. It has become a cultural infrastructure for landscape interpretation. This centre offers activities to interpret both the building in its landscape context and the town’s history. Its open spaces are an excellent venue for temporary exhibitions throughout the year that complement the visit to the centre.

Visitors follow the same route as the cereal to the old silo, walking through the different rooms while enjoying views of the countryside. The building is an icon and an attraction for industrial tourism in the province of Seville. Although it was planned to be demolished, the Fuentes Town Hall decided to restore and give it a cultural and recreational use. 

The silo, a 136-metre tall building on San Pedro Street, is now a cultural centre that focuses on three thematic areas: renewable energies, the silo and historical and cultural heritage of Fuentes de Andalucía. The chambers where the silage was stored are now used to provide information about different heritage assets- These chambers are entitled “The countryside, the surroundings of Fuentes”, “The Fuentes silo” and “Fuentes de Andalucía-Fuentes de energía”.


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