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Palace of the Marquis of Algaba Mudejar Interpretation Centre


The Palace of the Marquis of Algaba - Mudejar Centre offers tourists to discover one of the great noble palaces of Seville, nestled in the heart of Feria street. Restored between 1998 and 2002, the building, a magnificent Renaissance palatial residence of great architectural value (15th century), has an imposing Mudejar Gothic façade.

The Mudejar Center in the Palace of the Marquis of Algaba is the first major museum commitment of the Seville Town Council by presenting a pioneering initiative in Spain, since the one in Teruel is an exclusively research and study centre. The museological project focused on the Mudejar field as a constant and as a style that is discovered with the visit teaches in a very didactic way this phenomenon of typically Hispanic hybridisation, where master builders, potters and teachers live together in the Moorish way, in the modern way, that is to say, in Gothic, and in the old way using in an avant-garde way at that time, the first Renaissance language.

A total of 111 pieces are on display, of which 20 come from the municipal archaeological collection on deposit since 1940 in the warehouses of the Archaeological Museum of Seville and, among them, Mudejar jars, seals and household utensils from the same period of special value. The Museum of Popular Arts and Customs has lent 19 tiles that are a perfect example of the Moorish, dry-cord and board-tile techniques.

The Museum of Fine Arts of Seville, on loan from the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs, has lent a watercolour by Joaquín Guichot dating from 1872 which represents the façade of the Palace of the Marquis of Algaba, and which has also been restored by the Town Council for this occasion together with the taujels of the Palace on loan from the Town Planning Management.

The set is completed with the 20 pieces of the municipal collection that were in the Tower of Don Fadrique de Santa Clara. 


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