Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Juan Begines Ethnography and Technology Museum


The large number of everyday objects in this unique space takes us back to the way our ancestors lived. The perfect replica of a typical grocery store is striking. Another interesting item is the truck that saved the paintings of the Prado Museum during the Civil War. 

Visitors will find bicycles, not only from the post-war period, but also from much earlier; cars, but not only those that drove through these streets, but from all over Europe, from the early 20th century and later, and motorbikes, both for delivery and used in wartime. There are also items and utensils from every facet of life in the last two centuries: domestic technology from the kitchen to the bed; musical instruments and handicraft tools, the tools of the trades to which the ill-fated destiny condemned the locals: carpentry, blacksmithing, winemaking, tailoring or farming. It also houses inventions that made life easier: siphons and bellows, clinical and photo labs, electricity and light bulbs, washing machines, typewriters or sewing machines, baby carriages and uniforms, whether for mourning or partying.



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