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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Cartuja Monastery Museum


Since 1990, the Cartuja Monastery has contained an art museum, the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea la Cartuja de Cazalla de la Sierra, with a permanent exhibition of more than 100 works distributed throughout the central cloister and various rooms (church, chapter house, Gothic chapel, lay chapel and refectory), as well as the gardens, with works, above all ceramics and paintings, by various contemporary artists, including Francisco Espinoza Dueñas. Fernando Benavides, Renate Caals, Adriana Espinoza, Amaya Espinoza, Annet Kossen, Jorge López, María Luisa Machado, Ernesto Mies and Alejandro Velasco are also represented.

Also on display are the remains of the crockery used by the Carthusian monks, found during the restoration of the Carthusian monastery in Seville, which bear the coat of arms of the main monastery (five stars and a mitre). Up to now, this is the only known example of Triana ceramics with this feature, which is the same as that which appears in Zurbarán's painting "San Hugo en el refectorio de los cartujos".



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