Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Villa de El Coronil Castle´s Tenement Courtyard


Built in 1884 by the Algarin brothers, it divided the Castle’s original courtyard in two. 

This roofed courtyard was built around a well with cast-iron columns surrounded by two storeys of houses. The Duke of Medinaceli sold the Castle to the Algarín brothers in the 11th century, who used it as an oil mill. 

The courtyard’s arcade was demolished, and the yard itself was divided into two. One subdivision was used to house the Civil Guard barracks until 1925. A tenement courtyard with cast-iron columns was built in the other half in 1884.

After the barracks were decommissioned, poor quality housing was built in this subdivision. This section of the courtyard was integrated into Corredera Street. This housing was taken down and renovated in 1984 when the Castle was acquired by the Town Hall. 

This part of the courtyard has been adequately refurbished and is used for cultural activities. The other half still has a few flats but will be adapted for cultural uses.


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