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Torre del Reloj


The Clock Tower, located on the commonly called “Cuesta del Reloj”, is a 12th-century tower that was used as a military fortress, and was part of the old wall that surrounded this area. It was already called the “Torre del Reloj” in the 18th century as it had a sundial on the south side. The main façade is emblazoned with the coat of arms of the Counts of Cantillana, Vicentelos de Leca. It consists of an imperial eagle crowned by a castle.

The tower is crowned with a flag and engraved around its base is the verse “Basilipo Clara Vetis que a vándalis olin: Cantillana vero Cesare municipata. Arripanis demun Cantillana profeturun”, which alludes to the origin of town’s name, Cantillana.

The side of the tower not supported by the wall collapsed vertically due to problems with the foundations. It was extensively renovated in the 19th century with the addition of the bell tower.

The bell gables’ cornices were initially painted in indigo and later dyed in clay red to improve uniformity. Two bells were installed. The larger bell has the casting date (1889), and the smaller one has an inscription that reads “Ave María Purísima”. The weight clock was installed on the south side of the tower at this time.

Several regionalist crenellations were added to the first level of the tower in the 20th century when the last intervention took place.

The Town Hall has recently repaired the foundations, and the clock’s heavy mechanism was replaced by a lighter system.

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