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Torre de la Victoria


Listed as a Site of Cultural Interest (BIC)

This large, 40-metre tall tower was built in 1760-1766 as part of the Victoria Church in Estepa (Seville). The Convent was home to a community of the Order of the Minimal Fathers of Saint Francis of Paola since 1562. 

The Victoria Tower retains all its splendour today. However, the Church was demolished in 1939 due to its poor state of conservation. Incidentally, the Church had eight baroque wooden altarpieces plus the main altarpiece. Before the demolition, they were allocated to different churches across the province, including Casariche, Herrera, Puente Genil and Seville. 

Nowadays, what remains of the temple may be visited. The shape of the building can be clearly seen. 

In 1955, the Victoria Tower was declared a National Monument as a clear example of Andalusian baroque architecture. It is worth noting that brick was the primary construction material, with stone in the foundations, cornices and spire.

The best place to take a perfect picture of the Victory Tower is from Torralba Street.


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