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Shrine to Nuestra Señora de Belén


The Shrine to Our Lady of Bethlehem is located at the Plaza de Belén. It has a square plan with two pointed arches in the lower part, whose side posts have disappeared.

The altar and dressing room of Our Lady of Bethlehem are located in an Almohad “Qubba” from the late 11th century.

Artistics highlights of the Shrine to Our Lady of Bethlehem include the image of Our Lady of Bethlehem from 1580, canonically crowned in 1966, as well as a baroque altarpiece from a now-defunct convent in Seville with 17th-century paintings from the Seville school, a sculpture of the St. James the Apostle and folk votive offerings.

Qubba: is an Arabic term that designates an architectural structure with a square plan and a dome or non-flat wooden roof, which may have a half-dome shape, a pyramid trunk, a skylight or a groin vault.


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