Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Shrine to The Calvario


This small shrine from the sixteenth or seventeenth century was likely built where a wayside cross was located –a common practice in those days. 

Inside is the 16th-century image of the Our Lady of Sorrows. In the 18th century, the Chapel was covered with a ribbed vault, which is still preserved. 

The building fell into ruins owing to the confiscation of church property in the nineteenth century. It was rebuilt in the second half of the century, due to the great devotion to the Virgin Mary. 

The Confraternity of Our Father Jesus, the Captive Redeemer and Our Most Holy Lady of Sorrows was established in 1954. The titular image of the Captive Jesus had natural hair; however, it was replaced in 1986 by another of remarkable quality.

The building is a mid-20th century nave, in which the original Chapel and altarpiece have been restored. The Chapel is used as the dressing room of Our Lady of Sorrows. A chapel to Our Captive Father Jesus was built to the left of the nave in the 21st century. Opposite this Chapel is a statue of Saint Lucia. A large warehouse is attached to the main building, and on the opposite side is the Confraternity House.

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