Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Ruins of the Medieval Castle


In the past, a medieval castle stood at the confluence of the River Siete Arroyos and the former riverbed of the River Guadalquivir (known as Cañada de la Molineta). All that remains today are two walls, one with a horseshoe arch.

The square Castle was known as “Cuatro Torres” for the four towers that it had in the corners. Today, there is only one curtain wall and an arch where an entrance or portico once existed. The main tower was demolished in 1952-54, as were several rooms and quarters in what can only be described as an appalling attack on a heritage asset. 

In times of King Ferdinand I of Castile and Leon, in 1063, the remains of the Archbishop San Isidoro were brought here from Leon, later to be transferred to Seville where they are now revered.

There is evidence that the Catholic Monarchs spent a few days in this Castle in after they had reconquered Granada in 1492. They presided over a hearing that took place on 9 January 1498, ruling in favour of a local resident who was sued by the Town Council who sought to deprive him of benefits and exemptions. The ruling stated, “You need not watch over the Castle of Villaverde, nor provide clothes or firewood for the castle”, which effectively meant that he had been appointed the town’s mayor and did not have to keep his weapons in the Castle as the laws of the time required.

Furthermore, tradition holds that King Felipe el Hermoso and Queen Juana la Loca also visited the Castle on one of their trips to Seville.

This fortified castle was renovated and used by the Arabs to defend the town against the Castilians.


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