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Parque y Fuente de la Fuenlonguilla


Fuenlonguilla Park is located to the south of the town, at the end of the promenade of the same name, next to the Hacienda Nuestra Señora del Carmen, commonly known as La Fuenlonguilla.

One of the park’s most prominent features is the fountain, an ancient drinking trough of the “foronguilla”, also known as “Fuente de la Plata”. It is located opposite the main façade of the Hacienda Nuestra Señora del Carmen and borders Francisco Torres Street. The fountain is listed under the “unique fountains” category of the Regional Ministry of Culture, where it is registered as a two-piece ensemble: basin and water tank, made of brick and stone ashlars. Several studies conducted by the “La Fuenlonguilla” Vocational Training Centre appear to indicate that the tank could be of Islamic origin (12th century) and the rest from the 17th century. 

The restoration process of this ensemble began in the 1990s. It not only involved the rehabilitation of the basin, the fountain and the “lirón” well but also the addition of new elements for landscaping purposes, including pavements using original materials and reforestation with ash trees, poplars, elms, rosemary, etc. The absence of architectural barriers makes it is easily accessible to people with reduced mobility.    

The remains of the irrigation system or “acequia” that supplied water to the Hacienda are listed as heritage assets; hence it is considered of historical and cultural importance. It is undoubtedly a privileged place, once valued for the quality of its waters and as a beautiful retreat.


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