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Palace of Orleans


The Palace of the Princes of Orleans and Bourbon, located in the centre of Villamanrique de la Condesa, was built in the 16th century over an old mill house. 

The Palace was renovated in the 19th century as a traditional Andalusian rural house with decorations with French influences due to the participation of French architects.
The Palace is divided into three large areas:

  • An entrance porch with palm trees and an interesting front gate decorated with fleur-de-lis and other royal motifs.
  • The simple, rural main façade of the Palace-House faces the entrance garden. The two floors have equally-spaced windows interrupted by the main entrance. Above the main entrance is a balcony with wrought iron railings. The whitewashed walls of the house are only embellished with indigo blue plinths. Several decorative elements of the palace-house belonged to the former building owned by the Zúñiga family. The overall adornments evoke a French courtly style. Noteworthy are the stairs in the corner of the courtyard with a ceiling decorated with heraldic and Greek motifs.
  • The gardens have a romantic style inspired in the Andalusian tradition where fruit trees share space with trimmed hedges and ornamental plants. These gardens resemble those of the residence of the Montpensier family in Seville, which is today known as the San Telmo Palace, which houses the Office of the President of the Andalusian Government. 

The Palace of Orleans has played an important role in the urban layout and development of Villamanrique de la Condesa to the point of influencing its name. It was also the catalyst for the economic and demographic growth of a tiny town before its existence.

It is currently owned by the Infantes de Orleans y Borbón, the immediate family of Juan Carlos I of Spain.


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