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Palace of the Marquises of Peñaflor


The Palace of the Marquises of Peñaflor, built between 1700 and 1775, is one of the greatest exponents of Ecija’s civil baroque architecture. Known as the palace of the “long balconies”, its striking curved façade –over 60 metres long- follows the layout of the street. Its veranda is painted with trompe l’oeil of architectural features, false windows and figures. These, in turn, frame an impressive Baroque, carved stone entrance flanked by Doric columns and crowned with the family coat of arms. 

Inside is a superb staircase with eight Tuscan columns covered with a dome richly decorated with plasterwork. The main façade is graced with a painting of Our Lady of the Rosary. 

The palace has several courtyards. The central courtyard has a double arcade supported by marble columns and topped by capitals, and the gallery is decorated with rich polychrome plinths. The halls around this courtyard are covered with remarkable wooden coffered ceilings. The old stables are also worthy of note, with an attractive Doric-style entrance and three groin-vaulted naves on sturdy columns.

The two-tier, robust viewpoint sits at an angle over the entrance with fascinating views of the city strewn with towers and monuments. 

The viewpoint has been renovated after years closed and in ruins. Although it is only partially open at this time, it will be fully accessible to the public in the future.


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