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Old Convent of Los Remedios


The old convent of Los Remedios in Seville, later known as the Instituto Hispano Cubano and later as the Museo de Carruajes, is located on the right bank of the River Guadalquivir, very close to the river's edge, on Juan Sebastian Elcano Street in the Los Remedios district.

This was a monastery founded in 1573 at the request of the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites, on the site of the former Los Remedios chapel, which was supposedly built in 1540. In the aforementioned year 1573 the chapel was given by Archbishop Cristobal de Rojas to the religious community, who in 1574 began the construction of a convent next to it.

The problem of frequent flooding and the ruinous state the building would force the religious community to leave it, building another new convent close to the previous one, but somewhat further away from the river bank, the works thereof starting in 1632. The church was finished in 1700 and was consecrated by Archbishop Jaime de Palafox.

It seems that the convent had an entrance area -which would correspond to the free space that can be found today in front of the church-, the temple, and a cloister delimited by arches that were supported by pillars that formed galleries on two floors in height around which the main rooms would be arranged. There was also a large orchard that extended over part of the area now occupied by the Los Remedios district.

The current church is arranged according to a Latin cross plan and has three naves and a semi-spherical vault over the transept, with side naves made around 1780 with traces of the architect José Echamorro. It has an interesting main façade placed at the foot, decorated at the bottom by pilasters and with openings at different heights. The doorway is located in the centre, framed by pilasters that go up to the eaves of the roof, and it has a lintel made up of an entablature and small corbels that support a balcony at the axis of the door. The former convent of Los Remedios in Seville is considered as an Asset of Cultural Interest in the category of Monument, and this is written down in La Gaceta de Madrid dated 1931.


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