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Minor Basilica of the Holy Christ of the Expiration


The Minor Basilica of the Holy Christ of the Expiration, located in the popular Triana area in Seville, is the headquarters of the Cachorro Brotherhood , which had its origin in the old Chapel of the Patronage at the end of the 17th century.

It is a centre of great popular devotion and one of the most characteristic places of Seville's religious tradition, which should not be missed.

The current Basilica of the Patronage is the result of two chapels that were built at different times.

The primitive Chapel of the Patronage dates from the end of the 17th century, when in 1689 the Brotherhoods of the Patronage and that of the Christ of the Expiration were merged in it. It corresponds to the current sacramental chapel, with a Baroque altarpiece from the convent of Saint Albert, presided over by the Virgen del Patrocinio, which is a small image from the 16th century, known as the "Virgen chica del Patrocinio". Next to it, the sculptures of Saint Isidore and Saint Leandre can be found and, on the side, the Christ of the Way, from the 17th century, is also located.

Due to its small size, in 1946, it was decided to build another chapel next to it. The new chapel has a wide doorway made of carved brick decorated with ceramic panels with scenes of the Virgin and the passion and death of Christ.

The main altarpiece of carved and gilded wood is presided over by the spectacular image of the Christ of the Expiration, a crucified figure known as "El Cachorro” (The Puppy), the last great Crucified of the Sevillian imagery. He is the patron saint of this brotherhood that makes the cathedral a penitence stop on Good Friday.

The image was made by Francisco Antonio Gijón in 1682, and it is one of the best wood carvings ever made. The tradition says that the sculptor took as a model a gypsy from Triana who was dying after being stabbed, this gypsy was known as El Cachorro. According to the legend, when the image came out to the street, people recognised the deceased and named it after him.

In the year 2012, Pope Benedict XVI granted the church of Cristo del Cachorro the title and dignity of Minor Basilica, a title that until then only the temples of Macarena, Gran Poder and Trinidad had in Seville. 

The church is completed with an exhibition hall with all the equipment of this brotherhood in the popular neighbourhood of Triana.


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