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House of Salinas


In the 16th century, Seville was the most important town in Europe. The riches of the New World arrived at its port and were then distributed throughout the continent. Here the gold and silver of America was minted in coins. It was named Nova Roma, because of its splendour, and the best Italian and Flemish artists of the time came to it. The best Renaissance combined with Gothic and Mudejar architecture in a harmony of styles unique in the world. It was in this context that the House of Salinas was built. 

Located in the monumental area of Seville's Old Town, just a few metres away from the cathedral, La Giralda and Los reales Alcázares, this house was built among other manors in a neighbourhood of celebrities and wealthy people. Baltasar Jaén was the first owner of the house and founder of this family state, which belonged to one of these lineages. 

At the beginning of the 20th century the house became the property of the Salinas family, who underwent a fragile and deep restoration process to bring it back to its original appearance, which had been partly altered by interventions carried out throughout its four hundred year history, and especially during the 1900s. Today, it shows off its primitive 16th century structures with elements typical of the time of its construction, aesthetically harmonised as shown in its warm and comfortable interiors.



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