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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Hacienda San Luis de Mejina


Olive-growing Hacienda divided into two parts, the manor (with 3 courtyards) and a work yard with a beam press mill and all other rooms are situated. 

This is an outstanding example of an olive-growing farmstead in Espartinas.

The origin of this building dates back to the 14th century, according to the partition documents.

The relationship of this farmstead with the Keichō mission in the 17th century was because the Franciscan Luis Sotelo, who accompanied Hasekura Tsunenaga, was a brother of Diego Caballero de Cabrera, the owner of the farmstead.

Hacienda de Mejina is located on the so-called "Camino de Coria" connecting Espartinas with Cañada Real de las Islas or Vereda de Carne, the livestock trail that crosses the Aljarafe from north to south to the grazing lands in the Lower Guadalquivir.

Both properties at Mejina are privately owned and used for events. It has undergone several renovations and transformations to adapt it from the original agricultural and residential uses to the current ones. This has helped to preserve both the property and the buildings.


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