Santiponce Itálica


An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Hacienda Casa de las Monjas


This Hacienda started as a stately house in Espartinas in the 18th century. It grew in size as adjacent properties were purchased until it became what is considered a hacienda at that time, such as the Hacienda de Mejina or the Hacienda de Tablante. The building is commonly known as the Casa de las Monjas (House of Nuns). 

The Hacienda is accessed through a double door. The first door is in neoclassical-style with a semi-circular arch supported by pilasters, decorated with two stone columns, two wrought-iron lanterns, a wooden cornice and a roof with green ceramic tiles. There are also ceramic tiles of Saint Teresa of Jesus.

There is a typical Sevillian patio in the entranceway, decorated with mill wheels and earthenware jars found underground. One of the most curious things about this place is that the jars used to store the olive oil are still buried in the ground.

A second door leads to another courtyard with similar characteristics as the previous one. The farmhouse, which the nuns would subsequently use, can be found here. The building has been almost entirely rebuilt. Nowadays, the Casa de las Monjas is the largest civic centre in the town.


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