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Fernández de Santaella Palace (The Big House)


What we all know as The Big House is a magnificent mid-nineteenth century palace. It was built by the Fernández de Santaella family.

The house is divided into two units. On the one hand, the living area occupies a plot with a façade of 22 metres and a depth of 30 metres, built round the central courtyard measuring 12x12 metres and the backyard measuring 16x11 metres.

The sides of the central courtyard are lined by bronze columns, and the house is built of stone, with thick walls reaching up to the roof.

It is a three-storey house, of a regionalist nature, reminiscent of Cuban neocolonial architecture, possibly from the late 19th century. The windows are distributed symmetrically, with the door located in the middle of the façade.

In the second section, the elements that define the lines are the window and the central balcony. The third, lower section of the facade fulfils the functions of attic or loft. The year 1899 figures on the ironwork of the gate, but the current owner assures that the house was built around 1850.

The regionalist, neocolonial style hardwood carpentry has received no treatment since its installation and is still in perfect condition.


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