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Ermita Nuestra Señora de La Fuensanta (Corcoya)


The Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta Chapel is located 1 km from the village of Corcoya, in the municipality of Badolatosa. The chapel is dedicated to Our Lady of La Fuensanta, who was first worshipped in the year 1383 after an apparition of the Virgin.

At first it was a small grotto near the current chapel where the image of the Virgin was located, the existing chapel being built in the mid-seventeenth century.  It is said that the chapel is where the bandit known as El Tempranillo received his royal pardon.

According to legend, in 1384, a resident of Badolatosa, in search of a doctor to cure him, was passing through the area when the Virgin appeared to him and told him how he would be healed of his ills by drinking from the water of the stream and bathing in it. He did so and was healed. He went no further but returned to his village and told the villagers what had happened. From then on, the site became a place of pilgrimage, but the Virgin never appeared again.

The original chapel was replaced by the present one in 1671, built with the financing of the devotees and the Marquis of Estepa. The massive pilgrimage that took place in 1909 deserves special mention.

The pilgrimage to the chapel is held on 8 September. In addition to residents of Corcoya and Badolatosa, pilgrims come from Casariche, La Roda de Andalucia and Sierra de Yeguas.


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