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An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Aguas Santas


The Shrine was built over the fountain where the Marian apparition took place. A vaulted pipe carries the water through the building to the courtyard. The temple has undergone multiple renovations over the centuries. It owes its current appearance to the last one undertaken in the 1980s. The courtyard has preserved the layout and appearance given in the 17th century by the Franciscans friars.

An ancient legend has it that San Isidoro, the Archbishop of Seville, ordered the construction of this chapel in the exact place where the image of the Blessed Virgin appeared to the shepherd Juan Bueno, in the early 7th century. The image was worshipped here until 711 when the Muslims invaded Spain. For fear of profanation, the image was hidden inside one of the Shrine’s wall until after the Reconquista in 1247, when it reappeared, and water began to flow again.

The Shrine was consecrated again to the Virgin Mary by a chaplain from the Priorate of Shrines. In 1595, the Shrine was gifted to the Franciscans community of Los Angeles. They built a large convent on the hill and took the image there. It became the most prized relic of their community.

The image of the Virgin Mary was venerated in the convent until the property was secularised and confiscated. Since 1836, it has been worshipped in the town’s parish church. The Shrine has a replica made in 1907 by the local artist Antonio Torres Sarmiento.

The traditional Pilgrimage takes place every year in May when the whole village accompanies the Simpecado from the Parish Church to the Shrine. This festival has been declared and Andalusian Event of Tourist Interest.

Opening times

Tuesday to Sunday: 9:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 17:00


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