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El Salvador Church


This church is located in one of the most important areas in the city, at one end of the main square. The former school of San Teodomiro, founded by the Society of Jesus in 1619, faced this square.

The monumentality and height of this church and its slender dome stand out from the rest of the buildings in town, even from afar. All this highlights the overlapping volumes, its high stone walls and flat roofs, a façade with a single unfinished tower and a graceful cupola on a tholobate that covers the transept. 

The temple has two entrances. The main one is located at the foot of the central nave, and the second is in the fourth section of the Epistle nave. The main altarpiece is from the 18th century.

After the expulsion of the Society of Jesus in 1767, the school was transformed into a Royal School and the Church into a private oratory. In 1779, following the demolition of the El Salvador Parish Church, located on the same square, the parish was transferred to the church in the Royal School. The church was then dedicated to the Divine Saviour as opposed to Saint Teodomiro.    

From this date onwards, the church underwent different renovations with the loss of liturgical vessels. Nowadays, the Church of our Divine Saviour, subservient to the Santa María Parish Church, is the seat of the Confraternity of Hope and the site of Carmona’s Town Hall.


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