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Church of San José Obrero


The church is located in the high quarter and was built and inaugurated in 1969. The main façade has an access porch with a triple portico of semicircular arches, and above the central arch, there is a ceramic panel with the image of the saint after whom the church is named, San José, who appears with the infant Jesus in his arms. A small longitudinal strip in relief, by way of a cornice, gives way to a simple, lightly-sloping, straight, triangular pediment, on which stands a simple belfry with two holes to accommodate the bells.

The interior is divided into three naves separated by two porticoes of pillars, lined with tiles at the bottom. The central nave is roofed with a lowered barrel vault, separated by Saxon arches, with circular windows that allow for the natural lighting of the building.

It was built canonically and detached from the Parish of San Juan Bautista by the Cardinal Archbishop of Seville, on 23 April 1966. After the negotiations carried out by Antonio Gutiérrez to obtain the land, the Cardinal blessed it and laid the first stone, placing the church under the protection of San José in liturgical terms on 28 May 1967, the work beginning in August of the same year. On 26 October 1969, Cardinal Bueno Monreal blessed and inaugurated the church.

It is the seat of some of the town's most important brotherhoods. Thus, in the lateral naves there are altars for the images of the Hermandad de Los Ángeles, hich also has another of its patron, the Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia, presiding over the front wall of the chancel. Meanwhile, the Hermandad del Rocío from San Juan de Aznalfarache has an important chapel in the Gospel nave of this church, with its ensign presiding over the centre of its main altarpiece.

Opening times

Mornings, 10:00 am to 12:00 noon
Afternoons, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Saturdays and Sundays, one hour before the masses.
Monday, closed.


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