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Casa de las Sirenas (The House of Mermaids)


The name of the Las Sirenas Civic Centre (the Mermaids) comes from the Egyptian sphinxes that were located at the entrance to the house, which were associated by the neighbourhood with figures from Greek mythology, naming it “The House of Mermaids".

It was the Marquis of Esquivel who, in 1861, commissioned the architect Joaquín Fernández Ayarragaray to build this romantic mansion. The work was completed in 1864, at a time when ambitious plans were being made for the Paseo de la Alameda.

Over time, after different owners who barely lived there, it deteriorated to end up in a dilapidated building, while the Alameda de Hércules had become a degraded place.

The approval in 1995 of the URBAN Seville European Funding Project gave the opportunity to recover the area of the Alameda de Hércules and this iconic building that was declared as Historical Heritage and Public and Social Heritage Site.

Finally, on 12 February 1998, Las Sirenas Civic Centre was inaugurated for the use of the neighbourhood of the Casco Antiguo District.


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