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Casa de la Cultura


Utrera’s so-called House of Culture is located in the old 18th-century Palace-House of the Marquises of Tous. The building’s recent history began on 24 May 1984, when it was acquired by the Town Hall. Renovation and adaptation works began in the spring of 1988 and was completed on 17 June 1990.

The Palace-House of the Marquises of Tous is an elongated three-storey, brick building. Inside, the palace is distributed around three courtyards, two of them baroque. The latter two have arcades of semi-circular arches decorated with relief mouldings and supported by columns. In the third courtyard, the lower arcade is framed by alfiz, a decoration widely used until the mid-sixteenth century.

The façade is structured by large pilasters. It has an arcade with semi-circular arches and small windows in the uppermost level. The portal, from circa 1725, is the main feature of this two-level, carved-stone façade. It consists of two thick columns with fluted shafts on high pedestals that support a central balcony. The main opening onto the gallery is on the second level of the portal.
Since 1990, this Palace-House has been the seat of Utrera’s public Cultural Centre where various socio-cultural activities take place. A place for meetings, entertainment and information, a cultural centre close to the citizens that organises training courses, exhibitions and “creative languages” productions.


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